Hello everyone, we hope that your summer is going well. As you can see, we now have a new
name and a new look!. The old photo site served its purpose for a while but we now have more
space for more goodies.
Please pardon the inconvenience of having to log in but in today’s world of cyberspace it pays to
be careful. Admittedly, there are easy ways for computer hackers to bypass the log in to this site
but at least it keeps the access by unintended persons to a minimum.
It is okay to share your username and password with trustworthy friends. We are just trying to
screen out uninvited riff raff with the security measures. 
We have tried to keep the video clips as short as possible to minimize loading time. Users with
broadband connections (cable or DSL) should experience little wait time but dial-up users can
expect significant delays. The clips have been converted to a Windows Media format which works
well with the Windows Media Player.
If you have any questions, contact  webmaster Grampy.